Fresh Wing City Salads

Apple Pecan Salad $12.00 (w/ chicken $15.00)

Our spring mix blend topped with sliced apples, glazed pecans, crisp bacon, crumbled bleu cheese and craisins. Served with our signature apple cider vinaigrette. Half $9.00 (w/ chicken $11.00)

Oriental Chicken Salad $11.00

Tender grilled chicken, chow mein noodles and toasted almonds over fresh mixed greens. Topped with a sweet and sour dressing and encircled by mandarin oranges. Half $8.00

Greek Salad $12.00

Mixed greens, baby tomatoes, sweet red onions, black olives and feta cheese, topped with our marinated chicken. Served with Greek dressing and our oven baked pita. Half $9.00

Pittsburgh Steak Salad $15.00

Fresh greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, sliced eggs, cheddar jack cheese and USDA choice strip steak. Topped with fresh cut fries. Served with your choice of dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Salad $12.00

Tender fried chicken, red onions, ripe tomatoes, cheddar jack cheese and crispy tortilla chips, all atop fresh greens with your favorite wing sauce and your choice of dressing. Half $9.00

Chicken Bacon Avocado $13.00

Locally purchased Harvest blend spring mix piled high with marinated chicken, bacon, fresh avocado, tomatoes, and candied pecans

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $11.00

Fresh grilled chicken, crisp romaine and parmesan cheese all tossed with traditional Caesar dressing and croutons. Half $8.00

Blueberry Breeze Salad $12.00

Our spring mix blend topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, almonds, and feta cheese. Topped with blueberry pomegranate dressing. with Chicken $15.00

Southwest Chicken Salad $14.00

Tender fried chicken, corn, black beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar cheese, and crispy tortilla chips all atop a bed of mixed greens. Served with our mexi-ranch dressing. Half $10.00

Taco $13.00

Fresh mixed greens topped with olives, tomatoes, onions, house made taco meat, and cheddar jack cheese, surrounded inside a crispy sun-dried tomato shell.

Build Your Own Salad

Choose between our crisp romaine blend or fresh spring mix and add all the toppings you want – for just $12.00


Onion | Pickles | Broccoli | Avocado | Tomatoes | Mushrooms | Roasted Red Peppers | green Peppers | Black Olives | Banana Peppers | Cucumbers


Pepperoni | Hickory Smoked Bacon | Smoked Ham (+$2.00) | Grilled Chicken Breast (+$3.00) | Grilled Shrimp (+$5.00) | Grilled Steak (+$5.00) | Oven Roasted Turkey (+$2.00)

Fresh Fruit

Apples | Oranges | Blueberries | Strawberries | Dried Cranberries


Swiss | Provolone | Parmesan | Shredded Mozzarella | Shredded Cheddar Jack | Crumbled Feta | Crumbled Bleu Cheese


Eggs | Almonds | Croutons | Candied Pecans | Chow Mein Noodles