Little Grillers Kid’s Menu

Served with fresh cut fries, homemade chips or applesauce (excluding pastas).Choice of milk, juice or soda included. *Children 12 and under*

Pan Pizza

Cheese 5.95 Pepperoni 6.25

Hot Dog 4.29

A grilled hot dog placed in a fresh baked roll.

Burger 6.29

An all beef patty served on a fresh baked roll. Add cheese for .49 more

Macaroni & Cheese 4.29

Made the way you like it – REALLY CHEESY!

Grilled Cheese 4.95

An old American classic on freshly toasted bread.

Spaghetti & Butter 3.95

A small plate of buttered pasta. Served with garlic toast.
Add marinara for .99 more
Add alfredo for .99 more

Chicken Fingers 6.95

Two chicken fingers served with your choice of blue cheese or ranch.

Chicken Wings 6.95

Four jumbo wings served with blue cheese or ranch.

Boneless Wings 5.95

Four of our homemade boneless wings served with ranch or blue cheese.